1 Small rear motor Tesla model X 1037000-20-A

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Small rear motor for electric car Tesla Model SR, X. A part that drives a popular car, manufactured by an American company. This is a modern development, an order of magnitude ahead of the products of potential competitors. The rear small electric motor, like other Tesla parts available for purchase on the site, has a special marking. It indicates that the product belongs to the branded products of the electric car manufacturer. In addition to a simple and reliable design, the motor has high efficiency. The coefficient of performance (COP) can reach 90 percent. This is much higher than that of internal combustion engines. By purchasing a small rear motor for a Tesla Model S electric car, you get the opportunity to replace a worn or damaged part as soon as possible, restoring the previous functionality to your car.Experts name several key advantages of the described detail. These include the following items:• Uncompromising quality of materials.• High reliability and efficiency.• Instant motor response.• Production of Tesla spare parts using the company's proprietary technology from the USA.• Large margin of safety and long service life.Given the above factors, the Tesla Model SR, X rear small engine can be called a high-tech device without a doubt. The manufacturer has made sure that the owners of the premium category electric car have at their disposal the power and speed that can satisfy any driver.It is worth noting that Tesla parts such as the small rear motor respond almost instantly to pressing the gas pedal. Such a high response was achieved due to the direct effect of the engine on the wheels. This gives the electric vehicle impressive dynamics. The car accelerates with lightning speed both when starting from a standstill and in the direction of transport. Tesla Model S owners get their hands on an "instant impact" - an instant acceleration impulse. This greatly increases driving comfort and brings an unforgettable pleasure from driving an electric car. The

Small rear motor for electric car Tesla Model SR, X. A part that drives a popular car, manufactur...


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