Main battery module (model S 85 kWh) S3 5.2 kWh 232 Ah 24 V(nominal) t

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S3 main battery module without BMB board for Tesla Model S electric car. Component of the central power plant of a popular car from the United States of America. This is one of the main components of the battery, which has become a real revolution in the world of electric vehicles. Such Tesla parts brought the company worldwide fame, making it a leader in the modern automotive industry. Despite the relatively simple design that the S3 main battery module has, innovative solutions in terms of layout and chemical composition of a single cell made it possible to achieve high energy density. For this, Panasonic 18650 cells were used, assembled in several groups, each of which has a power of 5.3 kWh. The cells themselves resemble enlarged AAA finger batteries. ¶Among the main benefits related to the Tesla Model S central battery part are the following points: ¶1. A special chemical composition that significantly increases the energy density. ¶2. High battery efficiency and long service life. ¶3. Modular layout that enhances safety. ¶four. Modern cooling system and battery temperature control. ¶five. Design reliability. ¶These are just some of the main features that the Tesla Model S central battery module has. In addition to the advantages listed above, there is another important point - the ability to use 18650 batteries for other purposes. ¶Thanks to the specialists of an American company, Tesla parts such as the main power plant module can be disassembled into separate cells. 18650 batteries, reminiscent of AAA finger batteries, are later used as independent rechargeable batteries. They can also be grouped, creating energy storage devices of various configurations. In fact, Tesla Model S battery cells can be converted into power sources for any electrical device. It is important to remember that the manufacturer recommends buying only branded products, as well as using them for their intended purpose. Name of the Tesla part and manufacturer's part number: ASY, HVBAT,

S3 main battery module without BMB board for Tesla Model S electric car. Component of the central...

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